Robert Franklin Photography – Facebook Comp

“Get to 100 likes on Facebook – someone wins a prize”

A small target, but you have to start somewhere!

I’m thinking about running a few competitions/promotions for Christmas. Yes I know the dreaded C word.

Holidays are Coming

I reckon the only really sensible way of doing so, as I know so many of the people who follow me on twitter and like on Facebook, is to select someone from there.

Currently we have 93 followers on Twitter, and just the 62 on Facebook

It’s really close to the milestone on Twitter so I am going to suggest that my 100th like on Facebook wins a prize of a photo print (10 x 8″ for South Wilts, or 16 x 12″ New Forest) of choice.

Anyone who shares/re-tweets this the most may also bag one.

Share the wealth people, it’s nearly Christmas after all!

National Twenty20 Regional Finals – South Wilts CC

So we traveled into Babylon, this time not at the hand of Eddie Abel, but at the request of the ECB.

Playing Wimbledon who were no doubt keen to get the ten minute journey out of their legs, South Wilts lost the toss and were in the field. But this isn’t a match report.

Just a note to say that the run is at an end, we were beaten by the better side (National Champions in 2012 no less), and that it was a great achievement for the club  to go so deep into the competition winning the SET20 on the way with a team that can only get stronger as it gets a little older.

Star of the show yesterday was not the usual James Hayward, but the ever smiling Owen Alsop who displayed great control with the ball taking 3 wickets but also some clean hitting to register a half century in reply. Showing up Hayward here with a decent reverse whack…


Some additions to the portfolio

Went on a big shooting day this week to pick up some shots for the landscape area of the site, finding some locations in the New Forest that I had not ventured to before.

It was relatively successful and will be posting some shots up here over the next few days.

This one was a nice one to start, particularly with the new camera in the bag.

New Forest

More up here, come take a look

A bit of what is to come

Just thought I would drop a few lines on what the intentions are for Robert Franklin Photography over the next few months.

Predictably cricket has taken over the agenda temporarily (until the rain falls again) and the coming weeks will be dominated by filling galleries with images from the 2013 season at South Wilts.

It’s not all going to be first team cricket, with some images nearing the finishing stages from 3rd XI matches at the home of cricket in Salisbury as well.

Probably a few of our loudest supporter (abuser?) from recent matches while taking a look at the past seasons too, like this

Glenn Maxwell

Looking forward to the Twenty20 final at the Ageas Bowl in a few weeks too, big challenge both on the playing side but also as it’s under lights for photography too.

With some leave to take I will hopefully get the chance to update the landscape portfolio stuff too.

Images from the season are available (10 x 8″) for £11.99, directly from the website.

Prices in line with any of the local newspaper photo sales with some quality and variety thrown in!

Eddie Abel – Pretty decent considering all these pics

I promised this a while ago, but the number of matches and baby duties have delayed me.

Given what happened to Eddie on the weekend, its only right that in lieu of all the banter he will miss with his broken finger, that we let him have it now.

Eddie is a top order batsman at South Wilts CC, but doesn’t own a bat…

Eddie Abel

I imagine that is why he chose to keep it out of the way on this memorable occasion

Eddie Abel

Didn’t use my bat for long here

Eddie Abel

Defense breached

Eddie Abel

But it’s not only the longer games, T20 stumps taking a hit

Eddie Abel

We will however miss this in the next few weeks

Eddie Abel

And as a preview here he is enjoying his break


All the best Eddie, get well soon bud. I hope you can write, the fines book is going to be taking a battering!

Cricket Photos – guys getting cleaned up

This may seem a little random, but I have been promising this post since Hayward had his stumps removed a few weeks ago in the Twenty20.

Every now and then I get a shot of one of the guy’s stumps going everywhere.

It’s not very team minded, or encouraging but they are always the best shots for the press stuff etc.

It started with our Aussie overseas Adam Young a few years back.

Adam Young

Continuing a theme, Glenn Maxwell was bagged a few times.

Glenn Maxwell

James Hayward is always a favourite target for the boys, and there is no shortage of him here.

James Hayward

James Hayward

Now this year even Steve Warner is getting in on the act.

Steve Warner

Interestingly I don’t think he has ever batted with Steve Riddle, either way another one bagged.

Steve Riddle

There is one notable absentee from this list, Eddie Abel.

This is because I have so many of him being cleaned up that he needs a blog post all of his own.

Coming soon!